Wednesday, July 11, 2012

table sale

Be apart of our very first
Table Sale

Have too much stuff ? Need more room for all the crazy cool new stuff coming?
Participate in our table sale.
$5.00 half table or  $10.00 whole table

Table sale runs
August 20th- August 25th

Pre sign up for your spot now limited space
Once signed up you will get a code for you to code and price all of your product you are bringing to the table sale

All amount sold will receive store credit to use in store on NEW stuff.

What can you sell? Anything craft and scrapbooking related- paper, premade items , embellishments, cards, anything you have in your stash.
Come in the morning of August 20th between 9-10 to set up your spot or for $5.00 drop off you bag or box marked with your name of your product during the days of August 15-18 to have it setup for you.

All remaining items are to be picked up no later than August 30th anything left after that date that has not had arrangements made will be donated to a locate foundation.

Store credit will be available to use on September 1st, 2012

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